What made you choose podiatry?

vs another health profession

Newbie Asked on October 21, 2018 in Podiatry [DPM].
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I had an ingrown toenail, went to a Podiatrist and he invited me to attend the annual meeting that just happened to be in Atlanta that week!

I liked the people. They had a new president who was black and just great to his students. He not only trained students but he let us hold our student meetings in his Presidential Suite!

I changed my major to premed before Spelman had that program, made up my own schedule to complete my prerequisites and was accepted to Temple.

Podiatry is defined anatomically, that appealed to me…like dentistry we have anatomical boundaries.  Most all of our patients are in good health, So it is a light practice.  I prevent amputations, listen to patients to  change or modify behaviors that could lead to amputation.

I don’t take call, do minor surgery, teach coworkers and patients but not residents.  Those positions are available if you like that type of practice.  I write exams for 2 professional state boards.  Because I work in federal service, I am home every weekend and evening with my family.

Hope this helps!

Newbie Answered on November 15, 2018.
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