What can I do during my gap year that will look well on a medical school application?


I am a premed in her last year of college. I am going take a gap year before medical school.  Due to having a turbulent undergrad, I haven’t done a lot of service hours. This is why I want to take a gap year. I am from the Chicago suburbs if anyone knows opportunities around that area.

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Hi, Jenny,

I’m a current M2 at MUSC College of Medicine. I performed a year of clinical service through the Westmoreland Volunteer Corps in Bethesda, MD. I had a great experience, had several professional development opportunities, had a chance to regroup as a postgrad before med school, and got to enjoy the DC area! The application is open here if you’d be interested: https://www.westmorelandservicecorps.org/index.php

Other great resources for finding a service year are serviceyear (dot) org and the Catholic Volunteer Network – both have searchable databases to help you find a service year program that fits your needs!

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.


Newbie Answered on January 28, 2019.
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