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Hello Fellow Physicians,

I am seeking a local colleague for mentorship. I would like to speak to someone about alternate medical career options, in addition to residency. I am a US-IMG graduate of American University of the Caribbean and I am currently living in Houston. I would prefer a woman physician in primary care,  however, I am open to anyone willing to offer advice.

Thank you.

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I’m based out of Chicago currently but I (and others) can still offer you mentorship! Try asking specific questions in the forum and we’ll do our best to answer!

Guru Answered on December 15, 2018.

Hi DrBrandiJ

Thank you for replying! I’m sorry for the late response. I hope you had a good New Year.

I’ve been researching medical organizations; locally, nationally, and globally, to utilize my skills and knowledge. Many of these organizations require a medical license prior to being assigned a position. Since I do not have a medical license, do you have any suggestion on how I can offer my services while circumventing this requirement? Also, do you know of any organizations that don’t require a medical license at all?

I understand that it will be difficult for me to get a practicing position without a license but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thank you for your time!

on January 21, 2019.
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