Mental Health Aid?

Hey everyone,

While I’m all for breaking down the stigma around mental health, I know some people have anxieties about going to an actual mental health professional.  Since our jobs/schools are so stressful and busy, it can also be hard to find time to go and find help.

What are some things y’all have done to help ease stress?  Have you used any online mental health aids or anonymous chats with professionals? Any good mindfulness apps or other techniques that seemed to help you?


Newbie Asked on December 17, 2018 in Mental/Behavioral Health.
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It’s crazy how much stigma exists around mental health care.  Being inside the medical profession doesn’t make the stigma go away! I totally understand the need for confidential sources of mental health care.

Here are some of my favorite apps and websites for mental health. These are the ones I refer patients to all the time:

Headspace – guided mediation app (great for beginners)

Calm – another great meditation app!

Center for Clinical Interventions– free online, self-paced therapy modules

I don’t have experience with the new app-based therapy resources (like TalkSpace, for example). I would just make sure I’m talking to someone who is licensed to provide therapy. I think going to see someone in person is best, but if it isn’t feasible for you, I say give online therapy a try.

Don’t forget that schools and employers should all have some kind of Employee Assistance Program (EAP for short) where you can go and get confidential mental health care. Look into your student /employee handbook for details.

The key is to get help if you need it.I know it’s hard, but try not to let the stigma stop you from getting what you need to be healthy! I promise therapists don’t bite 🙂

Guru Answered on January 18, 2019.
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