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I am currently a senior in undergrad and I have not taken the MCAT yet. I plan on participating in a post bacc program or getting a job with my biology degree but I am not sure how to go about studying for the MCAT. I have attended many conferences and was told about which books were best to use for studying on your own since tutoring is expensive.

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Back in the day, I couldn’t afford tutoring or an MCAT course so I used  the Princeton Review MCAT.  Mind you, this was over 10 years ago so thinks may have changed! This looks to be a pretty good review of the MCAT prep books out there now:

I’ve heard of most of the books on the list. The keys is to DO A TON OF PRACTICE QUESTIONS to test your knowledge. (Don’t just passively read prep books) You probably know that already but it took me a while to figure that one out! Best of luck in your studies!

Guru Answered on January 18, 2019.

I also worked my way through the Princeton Review books (and the practice tests that came with it) for self-study in 2016, with great results! I also purchased the official AAMC practice test to take last – the score on that was just one point lower than my actual score, so I think it’s the best predictor of your performance I’ve encountered.

on January 28, 2019.
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