I am currently seeking to enroll in an MCAT prep course. I’m debating between Kaplan and Princeton Review (in-person). Thoughts? Comments?

I have done research on both. They have good reviews. The style of the books is quite different (Kaplan is not as in-depth), but they do offer the same amount of practice exams. Please help me decide!

Newbie Asked on January 15, 2019 in Pre-Med.
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Let me preface my response with stating that I am a Kaplan MCAT Teacher. Therefore there are inherent biases involved in my recommendations. Instead of recommending a course of action I will just provide some more information:

Kaplan courses focus on test taking skills more than content review. The MCAT is a complex test that will reward you for attacking it strategically regardless of if you know the content in its entirety. Kaplan courses teach you the strategies that years of research show work best when taking the MCAT. Said simply: We all have this idea that some people are just “good test takers.” Kaplan attempts to make you one of them.

While Kaplan does teach high-yield content, we certainly don’t hit all the content in our classes. You will find that in print and online resources that come with the class. It is my understanding that Princeton Review is much more thorough in teaching all the details within each content topic tested on the MCAT in class. I will allow someone else with more experience with the Princeton Review prep course explain more.

Hope this helps.

Newbie Answered on January 16, 2019.
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