What are some extracurricular activities that will make me stand out as a medical school applicant?

For prospective medical school students, what are some extracurricular activities a student could participate in to make themselves standout above the rest?

Newbie Asked on October 20, 2018 in Medicine [MD / DO].
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Any extracurricular that your passionate about! Many schools are looking for well rounded applicants. It doesn’t necessarily have to be medically related but you can have extracurriculars that demonstrate how it could make you a good physician. For example, if you enjoy running and started a running club. And in that role you gathered people to participate in charity runs or marathons would say a lot about the applicant. That tells me that this person is not only passionate about running, but likely is willing to persevere, takes initiative to bring people together and has leadership skills. The applicant can highlight this in their personal statement and interviews. But of course, you should have clinical exposure as well on your application. That includes shadowing, volunteering at hospitals or volunteering at health fairs.

Newbie Answered on October 21, 2018.
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