Any ideas as to how I can find employment in my field?


I am new to this site, and I see many questions being asked, so I will ask mine.  I went back to school to earn a degree in Health Education (Public Health Promotion) graduating Magne Cum Laude and passed the exam to be a CHES in June of 2017 and I have still not found employment. I have a strong work history from a previous degree and career, and a great deal of experience on a non-paid level with health education after my life-long diabetic husband was parachuted into dialysis.  I am at a loss for what to do at this point.  People tell me to volunteer, and I have been if there is something available, but nothing comes from that, and I can’t afford to keep working for no paycheck. People tell me you have to know someone in the field – I know no one.  I have many career expert people tell me I have a stellar resume, but I can’t even get an interview.  Any advice?

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